Marc Whitten, corporate vice president of Xbox Live, speaks about the technology behind Microsoft's Xbox One during a press event in Redmond, Washington May 21, 2013. (NICK ADAMS/REUTERS)

Amazon is allowing gamers to trade-in their Xbox 360 games for deeply-discounted Xbox One titles, the company announced Tuesday.

Gamers will have to upgrade their libraries for the Xbox One, which won’t run older generations of its games. That’s been kind of a bummer for those who’ve invested in the 360 platform over the past eight years and amassed a library of titles that they can’t play on the new system.

Amazon’s offer will let you trade-in select Xbox 360 games for a $25 credit to put toward the price of the same title on the Xbox One, leaving the price of new games at $9.99. Only certain games are on the list, including “Call of Duty: Ghosts,” “FIFA 14” and “Battlefield 4.”

Players can send their qualifying games to Amazon for inspection. If the games are in good condition, Amazon will then award an appropriate credit.

It should be noted that the forthcoming PlayStation 4 doesn’t support that platform’s older games, either. Amazon did not immediately respond to a request for comment on whether it would offer a similar deal for Sony fans.

Amazon’s program offers a cheaper alternative to buying all of your favorite games again, and trade-in programs such as this could help video game sales in what’s expected to be a sales slowdown as gamers save their money for new games that run on the latest consoles.

Alternatively, video game players could keep a 360 around for nostalgic gaming sessions — that, at least, is free.

(Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos has agreed to buy The Washington Post newspaper.)