Perpetual gadflies Anonymous released a recording between agents at the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Scotland Yard on Friday in which the two agencies discuss anti-hacking operations.

The FBI issued a statement acknowledging that the call is valid, saying that a criminal investigation is underway, The Washington Post’s Ellen Nakashima reported.

In a statement to the Guardian, Scotland Yard also confirmed the call was real, saying that “no operational risks to the [Metropolitan Police Service] have been identified.”

The call talks about the legal strategy that the agencies can use in the cases of two British men linked to Anonymous, Ryan Cleary and Jake Davis. Karen Todner, a lawyer for Cleary, told the Associated Press that the recording and data breaches of the agencies’ investigation could “derail” their work.

The recording appears to be edited, with certain names bleeped out.

Even if there are no risks to the agencies, the breach is embarrassing.

The group has been busy in recent weeks. It has taken credit for a fresh spate of attacks on Web sites such as the Department of Justice and the Motion Picture Association of America in retaliation for the seizure of Megaupload; Polish government Web sites in protest of an online piracy treaty; and the Boston Police Department because of the way the agency handled the Occupy Boston protest.

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