Apple still hasn’t spoken up about customer reports of quickly draining batteries on the iPhone 4S. Since the phone went on sale last month, there’s been a growing swell of complaints that the handset is losing battery life at very high rates, with hundreds reporting that they can’t make it through a day without having to recharge their phones. Some have suggested that the iPhone 4S’s faster processor may be to blame for the added drain.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the issue.

Reports, however, are not restricted to the iPhone 4S, indicating that it may be a software issue and not a hardware issue. Apple also pushed out iOS 5, its latest operating system, right before the iPhone launch. Users who upgraded their iPhone 4 units to the new operating system have reported similar battery issues.

CNET’s Josh Lowensohn pointed out that the issue has some echoes of “Antennagate,” with silence from Cupertino in the face of building customer discontent. He notes that Apple’s late co-founder, Steve Jobs, explained why the company holds its tongue when problems like this crop up. In an interview with All Things D last year over concerns that Apple was tracking users through the iPhone, Jobs said that “when people accuse us of things, the first thing we want to do is find out the truth.”

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