Apple opened pre-sales of its iPad mini tablet Friday, and while some black versions of the tablet are still displaying a Nov. 2 delivery date, the white tablet sold out in less than a half-hour.

Cellular models for both colors are showing “mid-November” shipping dates, while black WiFi models were still available as of a 10:45 a.m. visit to Apple’s Web site.

One could take that fast sell-out as a hint of incredible demand, but most people appear to be reading it as an indication that Apple didn’t have that many units ready to go in its first batch of sales.

Apple’s been facing some component constraints with the iPhone 5, and is in the midst of refreshing nearly all of its product lines.

In the company’s earnings report Thursday, Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook — the architect behind Apple’s supply chain — said that Apple felt good about its position when it came to the iPhone and iPad though he is expecting shortages for its new, thin iMacs.

The iPad mini is a 7.85-inch tablet that Apple hopes will appeal to users who want something smaller than the iPad with much of the same functionality. It starts at $329 for 16GB of storage with a WiFi connection.

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