Developers told the Next Web that they’re seeing some activity on their user logs that indicate Apple may be testing its next-generation smartphone and mobile operating system.

According to a Monday report, some app developers have logged activity from a device called the “iPhone 6,1” that also appears to be running a new mobile operating system.

Credentials like these can be faked — in fact, new products are often given faked credentials for older models — but the Next Web believed the activity noted in logs was significant because it looked to be coming from Apple’s Cupertino, Calif., headquarters.

It would make sense for Apple to be testing the next generation of its hardware and software as it prepares for 2013. Really, it would be alarming to fans and investors alike if the company wasn’t running tests on new versions of their products.

The main question, which can’t be answered by user logs, is what those products will look like.

There had already been speculation that Apple was starting preliminary production on an “iPhone 5S” model that makes smaller changes to the company’s current smartphone. Since the iPhone 3GS, Apple has followed up major changes to its flagship phone with smaller, more incremental upgrades to its hardware and software. Over at 9 to 5 Mac, Mark Gurman notes that “6.1” designation could easily refer to a “5S” model.

Apple is expected to lift the curtain on its next system, iOS 7, around the mid-year mark at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference. The company has released its last two mobile operating systems in September.

As for the current crop of products, while Apple hasn’t released any official sales figures, there are some indications that the company had a strong holiday season. App analytics firm Distimo said that its records show that download figures for iPhones and iPads spiked 87 percent on Christmas Day as compared to the rest of the month.

In fact, it looks like the holidays were great for the mobile industry across the board. Mobile analytics firm Flurry reported that Apple and Android activations for smartphones and tablets surged on Christmas day, with 17.4 million new activations in a single day.

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