Apple has released an update to its iOS 7 mobile operating system to fix a lockscreen bug. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images) (Kevork Djansezian/Getty)

Apple released a new version of iOS 7 on Thursday that addresses bugs in the new system that allowed users to bypass a phone’s lock screen.

The bugs were discovered shortly after Apple first released its redesigned system last week, and the company said that it was working on a fix. The bug allowed those with physical access to the phone to bypass the lock screen without punching in the code and make calls, see recently used apps and view or share photos.

The update, iOS 7.0.2, fixes these issues and also brings back the Greek keyboard option for passcode entry, which was apparently missing from previous versions of the mobile operating system.

For those of you curious about iOS 7.0.1, that was a fix for an iPhone 5s bug that was preventing users from being able to use the Touch ID fingerprint scanning feature for iTunes store purchases.

Apple’s newest mobile operating system has been downloaded in droves in the past week, and online ad network Chitika reported Wednesday that over half of all Web traffic from iOS devices came from gadgets running the new system. That outstripped the numbers in the same period for the previous iOS 6, Chitika reported, which had 47 percent adoption after one week.

Those interested in downloading the new version of the operating system can go to their “General” settings menu and hit “Software Update.”

You can download the new update over the air, or plug into iTunes and check for software updates through a computer. That option may be less convenient, but tends to be a little more stable and can be faster if you’re not relying on the speed of your wireless network.