Apple’s been having a great week in the stock market and is now hovering at $495 per share as of noon Friday. The rally on the market also gave the Cupertino, Calif.-based company some additional bragging rights: As of Thursday morning, Apple’s market cap was bigger than the values of Google and Microsoft combined.

You read that right. Apple’s market cap is around $462 billion as of mid-Friday. Microsoft’s is about $257 billion and Google’s weighs in at about $197 billion.

Tech bloggers have been coming up with all kinds of statistics to put Apple’s market cap in context. Fortune’s Philip Elmer-Dewitt pointed out that Apple’s now worth more than the gross domestic product of Sweden, which is $458 billion.

Other examples from the Tumblr account “Things Apple is worth more than” include:

— Retail sales of electricity in the United States, $350 billion

— The worth of the global coffee industry, $70 billion

— Two Apollo Space programs, $145 billion-$170 billion if adjusted for inflation.

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