Apple announced Tuesday that it had appointed new members to its board, following the death of co-founder Steve Jobs in October.

The company’s new chairman of the board is Arthur Levinson, chairman of Genentech Inc. Levinson has served as a co-lead director of the company’s board since 2005.

The company also appointed Robert Iger, the chief executive of Walt Disney Co., to be a director. Apple and Disney have had a very close relationship; Jobs was on Disney’s board before his death.

Iger may be a big name, but he joins a star-studded board at the company. Here’s a quick who’s who when it comes to Apple’s board.

Arthur Levinson: Newly appointed chairman Levinson is also the chairman of Genentech, a biotechnology company based in South San Francisco, Calif.

He served as Genentech’s chief executive officer from 1995 to 2009, working his way up through company after joining as a research scientist in 1980. He is also a director at renewable energy company Amyris and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard.

Robert Iger: Iger is the chief executive and president at the Walt Disney Company, a position he’s held since 2005. He had formerly been the company’s chief operating officer. Prior to that, he was chairman of the ABC Group (also owned by Disney) and president of Walt Disney International. The company credits him with expanding Disney’s influence overseas.

Tim Cook: Apple geeks should need no introduction to Cook, who became chief executive officer at Apple following Jobs’s resignation. Cook had previously served as Apple’s chief operating officer and acted as Apple’s CEO while Jobs was on medical leave. He was Jobs’s hand-picked successor to the top spot at Apple. d

Millard S. Drexler: Chairman and chief executive at J. Crew, Drexler has been with the clothing retailer since 2003. Before that, he was the CEO at The Gap. He joined Apple’s board in 1999.

He is credited with guiding The Gap to its high point in the 1990s.

William V. Campbell: The chairman of the board at tech firm Intuit, Campbell is also the former executive vice president at Apple. He joined the company in 1983 as vice president of marketing and later expanded to sales, distribution service and support. Prior to that he was at Kodak and the advertising firm J. Walter Thompson.

Campbell also served as the head football coach at his alma mater, Columbia University.

Al Gore: Former vice president Gore joined Apple’s board in 2003. When he was appointed, Jobs said, “Al brings an incredible wealth of knowledge and wisdom to Apple from having helped run the largest organization in the world—the United States government—as a Congressman, Senator and our 45th Vice President. Al is also an avid Mac user and does his own video editing in Final Cut Pro.”

Gore famously used Apple’s Keynote instead of PowerPoint for his influential talk, “An Inconvenient Truth.”

Andrea Jung: Jung is the chairman and CEO of the makeup company Avon. She has been a member of its board of directors since 1998. Before that, she was the executive vice president at Neiman Marcus.

In 2010, she was ranked fifth on Fortune magazine’s list of the 50 Most Powerful Women in Business.

Ronald D. Sugar: Sugar is the former chairman and CEO of Nothrup Grumman, and was appointed to the Apple board in 2010. Sugar began his career as an engineer and is also a trustee of the University of Southern California.

He retired from Northrup Grumman in 2010 and previously worked at Litton Industries and TRW, Inc.