A new report says that Apple will be releasing a smaller iPad, but that eager Apple fans may have to wait a little longer than they thought to get their hands on the device.

According to a report from All Things Digital, the device will make its debut not — as some hoped — at an expected iPhone event in September. Instead, unnamed sources told the tech site that consumers will be able to grab the device after an October launch event.

These sources also confirmed that the tablet will be called the “iPad mini,” which has been the predominant nickname for the device since rumors spread that Apple was working on the tablet. It will have a display of less than eight inches, the report said.

It makes sense that Apple wouldn’t want to release its iPhone at the same time as a new product — Apple launches of the iPhone have historically only centered on the flagship device and its operating system.

That’s what Apple-focused technology blogger John Gruber noted, in his post titled “Sharing the Stage,” saying that he doesn’t believe Apple would want “reviews of both a new iPhone and a new-size iPad appearing at the same time.”

All Things Digital indicated that Gruber’s suspicions were right, based on what sources have said.

The next iPhone is expected — though not confirmed — to be introduced in an event on Sept. 12. Other rumors about the iPad mini indicate that it will be closer in appearance to the iPod Touch than to the iPad, as well as being very thin and light.

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