Apple has now set a time for the Friday launch of its next iPhones, announcing that doors will open promptly at 8 a.m.

Diehards will have already dusted off their lawn chairs, and now those happy to wait longer for new devices, or who aren’t interested in them, know when to steer clear of the line at the Apple store.

It’s a little hard to measure how big the crowds will be for grabbing up the iPhone 5s and the mid-range iPhone 5c. The company started selling pre-orders of the iPhone 5c last Friday, but unlike other years has not released any information on how well the phone did in its first weekend of pre-sales.

The break from tradition prompted concerns that Apple hasn’t sold enough of the phones to brag about. And on Monday the company’s stock slid below its 200-day moving average, at one point dropping close at $450.12. But shares were back up over 1 percent on Tuesday, at about $457.69 a share in midday trading.

And CNET has shared a report from the Chinese site Sina Tech that reservations — spots reserved in lines at Apple stores — for nearly all models of the iPhone 5s have already sold out at the company’s Beijing store. Only the reservations for the “space gray”-colored version of the iPhone 5s, the report said, are still available.

As it remained uncharacteristically silent on orders, Apple has been showing off one of the biggest features of its newest high-end phone. The company sent out a release showing how Burberry used the higher-end iPhone to record video and pictures during a fashion show — complete with illustrations of how the 5s works with Instagram and Vine. The videos from Burberry also tout the new slow-motion recording function on the iPhone 5s camera.

Cameras have become a vital feature of new smartphones, one that companies such as Nokia and Sony have placed special emphasis on for their new models. The iPhone is still one of the most popular “cameras” in the world. So improvements such as increasing the size of the camera sensor and tweaking the software to be more friendly with social networks may help Apple hold on to that title.

When it comes to the iPhone 5c, the only additional material out of Cupertino is a new advertising spot released Tuesday on its YouTube channel that displays the phone in all its bright plastic glory.

The spot, called “Plastic Perfected,” touts a line from Apple’s launch presentation for the phone -- this phone isn’t just for people who love color, but for colorful people. We’ll see Friday how many of those colorful people snap up the new iPhones when the doors open.

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