Another iPhone model, another “gate” to deal with: some users have reported seeing a yellowish tint ON their iPhone 4S screens.

Some of the descriptions sound similar to the glue problems that plagued the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 in their early days — a result of adhesive that hadn’t properly cured yet. Those problems generally cleared up in a few weeks.

But others are complaining that the screens Apple chose for the phones themselves are to blame, not manufacturing error. Users on Apple’s support forums are reporting similar observations, and some say that the black version of the iPhone 4S is clearly more yellow than the white version, and that the whole phone has a yellow tinge to the screen rather than just the spots that appeared on previous devices.

Some reviewers, such as Thisismynext’s Joshua Topolsky, have noted that the 4S generally displays colors with a much warmer tone than the iPhone 4 and that it looks a bit washed-out compared to the 4.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the complaints.

The company has acknowledged some problems with yellow screens in the past — in February 2010, the company acknowledged there were issues causing a yellow tint on iMac screens and encouraged customers to contact AppleCare.

In other iPhone 4S news, Sprint issued a statement this week saying that it has not noticed any problems with its data speeds since launching the handset on Friday. Some customers had noticed slow Web speeds over the weekend. The company said it is looking into those complaints.

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