AT&T has reached out to its wireless customers to let them know that the company was recently hit with an “organized” hacking attempt to collect online information. No accounts were breached, said AT&T spokesman Mark Siegel.

In an e-mailed statement from AT&T, Siegel said “The people in question appear to have used ‘auto script’ technology to determine whether AT&T telephone numbers were linked to online AT&T accounts.” He declined to comment on how AT&T detected the attack.

The company has notified customers whose accounts were affected by the attempted attack — less than 1 percent of the company’s customers.

AT&T has faced organized attacks on consumer information before.

In June, a San Francisco man pleaded guilty to charges that he hacked into AT&T’s servers for iPad customers’ personal information. The man, Daniel Spitler, was a member of a group that said its goal was to expose security flaws. A second man, Andrew Auernheimer, was also charged with attacking AT&T’s servers and was granted more time to make a plea deal in July, Computerworld reported.

The two men obtained the e-mail addresses of 114,000 iPad users in June 2010.

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