For some people, Black Friday is a game that they just can’t wait to play. For others, it’s a necessary evil to get the best deals on their holiday shopping. No matter what your approach is, however, the help of an app or two can probably make the trip go more smoothly.

PriceGrabber: Comparison shopping at its finest, PriceGrabber offers users plenty of information in a small space. Just look up the item you’re searching for, and the app will serve you up results from a number of notable retailers. With a built-in scanner and detailed search options, this app is good for deal hunters year-round but especially on Black Friday. For iOS and Android devices.

BuyVia Black Friday Deals: BuyVia has its roots as a tech-shopping site for the everyday user. That sensibility has followed the company as it moves it expands to other areas, including fashion, home products and sporting goods. As with several other apps, users are able to create alerts on products they want to watch and can search specifically for local deals. BuyVia also has a Cyber Monday app, for when the time comes. For Android and iOS devices

TGI Black Friday: There’s a whole slew of apps made just for Black Friday, and TGI Black Friday is one that lives to be downloaded for just a couple of weeks in November. The app is the product of the Web site Dealcatcher and boasts over 10,000 deals from dozens of stores. And, for those who live for the hunt, the app gives push notifications for newly released deals. For iOS and Android devices.

ShopSavvy: ShopSavvy is ostensibly an app for scanning — particularly useful for those who want to do some comparison shopping while in a store, before heading to the register. Another plus: The app includes a map, so users can do the all-important mental arithmetic of whether it’s worth the gas to get a better deal. For Android and iOS.

Flipp: Have fond memories of turning through the ad circulars to find exactly want you want at the stores? If you’re looking to bring back that warm, fuzzy feeling in an increasingly digital age, check out Flipp, which creates scanned and searchable versions of the ads distributed by some of the biggest stores out there. While not quite as robust or elegant as other apps, it does offer the familiarity of the old circular with a few digital touches that make it a good shopping companion this week. For iOS devices.

ShopAdvisor: This app works best for keeping an eye on products you want to buy and then alerting you when the desired object is likely to hit the best price. That may mean, for instance, that it will tell you exactly what to skip on your shopping list for Black Friday. By relying on its price history data, ShopAdvisor can tell you when, historically, the time is right to make that key purchase. For iOS, Android and Windows devices.

Black Friday App: This simply named app from, is more store-oriented than product-oriented. Though you can search by product, it’s more efficient to pick a store and drill down from there. Users can find deals by looking at ads from specific stores they plan to visit either online or in person. From there, the app lets you save the ads that you find the most relevant, with notes on which deals are online-only, come in limited quantities or require a rebate. For iOS and Android devices.