Blockbuster appears set to announce a streaming video service Friday. The company, which was recently acquired by Dish Network, invited press to a Friday event called “A Stream Come True,” CNET reported.

The move could put the company in position to challenge Netflix, as the The Washington Post reported in April, especially given recent customer attitudes toward the popular streaming site.

Blockbuster was probably Netflix’s biggest competitor in terms of the services it offered before Netflix made its decision to split into two companies. If Blockbuster announces a competitively priced flat-rate streaming service, it could quickly snap up the wave of customers who are upset about the Netflix/Qwikster split. Blockbuster could definitely use the boost as the number of its brick-and-mortar stores has dwindled.

Netflix announced Thursday that it was partnering with Facebook to provide streaming video through the social network, but said the function would not be available to U.S. users because of a 1998 law that forbids companies from releasing video sales or rental records, The Washington Post reported.

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