Call of Duty fans have something to celebrate and anticipate, after a trailer from Activision released Wednesday showed a new direction for the mega-franchise .

The company didn’t release much information about the new title, “Call of Duty: Ghosts,” but leaked just enough information to get its fans excited: a teaser trailer featuring talks of masked warriors and a Nov. 5 release date.

The game will be available for the current crop of consoles— the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3— as well as on the PC and “next generation platforms.”

The announcement of a new Call of Duty game is an annual event, but there are some differences this year. First, the game is being developed by its original studio, Infinity Ward. Second, the company is breaking new ground by releasing a title outside of its Modern Warfare and Black Ops series. And finally, the game is being built on a new engine — the software foundation of the game — for the first time in the better part of a decade.

It’s also a big deal because “Call of Duty: Ghosts” will be one of the marquee titles for the next generation of gaming consoles, said Anthony Gallegos, editor at the game site IGN.

That’s apparently from Activision’s announcement that while gamers won’t see the new title on shelves until this fall, they will get to see more details about it when Microsoft debuts its next Xbox on May 21.

“The fact that the game is part of the launch for that is enough to really get people excited,” Gallegos said.

Debuting on the new hardware sets high expectations for the game’s graphics, he said, in addition to its story and gameplay.

While graphics for the games haven’t been bad, he said, “Call of Duty games have started to show their age, working with hardware that’s going on seven years old. People are definitely going to want to see graphics closer to real life,” as the series competes with titles such as Electronic Arts’ “Battlefield 3.”

And while Gallegos expects “Call of Duty: Ghosts” to come with a lot of social features to appeal to those who like the game’s multiplayer mode, he also thinks Infinity Ward will take the opportunity of a new launch to create something different for the single-player campaigns as well, perhaps making them more visually dramatic.

“It’s a new subseries, a clean slate for them to do something new with the story and take it in a new direction if they want ,” he said.

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