Gamers have made the time to head to video game retailers such as GameStop in droves to pick up “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3” at midnight release parties, on lunch breaks, or just whenever and wherever they can.

“Maybe I’m wrong but I could swear that last night I drove by #Occupy Gamestop,” quipped one Twitter user on the micro-blogging site where “GameStop” and “MW3” have been trending for much of the day.

Reviews of the game have been fairly good, with a Metacritic score of 90/100 for the Xbox version and an 88/100 for the PlayStation 3. The main criticism is that the new version of the game is “iterative.”

User reviews have had similar, albeit much stronger, criticisms. Hundreds of gamers weighed in on Metacritic to express their displeasure with the title. With 544 ratings, the game had a user score of 2.8 with 394 negative reviews. Even with some praise for the multiplayer functionality and the story of the game, the majority of players who gave the game bad reviews said they wanted to see more innovation in the game mechanics. But, of course, there are still plenty of hard-core fans who are happy to see the game continue to deliver exactly what they love about past titles.

The title faces stiff competition for the holiday season from first-person shooter rival “Battlefield 3,” which has been having problems of its own. According to GamePro, problems with the servers on Origin — EA’s new online gaming service — have led to problems for “Battlefield” players, who must create Origin accounts to play. Players have complained that Origin’s servers have been overwhelmed by the game, and hackers have issued a patch to let gamers who have bought the game bypass the requirement to make an account, in protest.

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