It’s a good day to be Apple, but it’s a little tougher to be one of the carriers selling the iPhone 5. With very eager (read: impatient) customers ready to start playing with their new smartphones immediately, there’s a high expectation that they’ll be able to activate them without a hitch.

A Friday morning glance at Twitter and Facebook shows that some activations are going smoothly, with just a handful of consumers complaining that it had taken at least an hour to get the iPhone 5 up and running on cellular networks.

The only place that appears to be having widespread problems is Canada. Dozens of phone buyers have been complaining that the activation servers for carriers Rogers Wireless and Telus are having serious problems. Some can’t get their phones to work at all on those networks.

Telus’ customer support posted a response on its Twitter account that it would let users know when the activation issues were fixed. In a statement,

Rogers Wireless said that it has already processed thousands of activations but that the “overwhelming response” to the new iPhone has made its systems run more slowly than normal. “We appreciate our customers’ patience, and we’re working hard to get devices to customers as quickly as possible,” the company said.

There didn’t appear to be similar issues with U.S. carriers, though there were a few scattered reports of activation problems. Systems are running smoothly on the whole, according to check-ins with Verizon, AT&T and Sprint media representatives.

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