Carrier IQ has issued a statement denying that it has ever provided information to the FBI.

“Carrier IQ has never provided any data to the FBI. If approached by a law enforcement agency, we would refer them to the network operators because the diagnostic data collected belongs to them and not Carrier IQ,” the company said.

“Carrier IQ’s data is not designed to address the special needs of law enforcement. The diagnostic data that we capture is mostly historical and won’t reveal where somebody is and what they are doing on a real-time basis.”

The FBI denied a request for information regarding the agency’s possible use of Carrier IQ, a piece of software found on smartphones and designed to send information on handsets to carriers. The request, filed by reporter Michael Morisy of Muckrock News under the Freedom of Information Act, asked for “manuals, documents of other written guidance used to access or analyze data” gathered by any Carrier IQ program.

In denying the request, the FBI said it had information but could not disclose it because it is considered “law enforcement records.”

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