The Consumer Electronics Show is winding down now, after two (well, three, if you include the media day) days of frenzied discussion over what’s next in the technology world.

On Thursday, the keynote speaker of the day comes not from a hardware company, but from YouTube: Robert Kyncl, who heads up its Global Content Partnerships program. The theme of the keynote is in keeping with a theme we’ve been seeing throughout the show: the move toward a central platform for entertainment.

YouTube has been ramping up its efforts to cultivate original content on its site, placing a greater emphasis on YouTube channels that are run by contributors who consistently produce high-quality comedy, news and other videos. Kyncl has been pushing this trend toward original content on the video-hosting site and will talk about how the Web can be used for distribution.

Since this is the last big day of CES for exhibitors, we’ll also being seeing different news organizations naming their favorite gadgets of the show so far. One of the most prominent of these are the “Best of CES” awards from CNET, a staple since 2006. This list honors the best gadgets in each of several categories — smartphones, laptops, emerging tech, etc. — and also includes a “People’s Voice award” for the most popular finalist among the news site’s readers.

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