Intel is the main voice behind the ultrabook trend at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, because it’s the chipmaker behind the high-performance laptops that are chasing after the MacBook Air.

In its presentation today, Intel promised that there would be 75 ultrabooks coming down the design pipeline this year with a few demonstrated features that move the genre forward. Intel vice president and general manager of the Intel PC Client group Mooly Eden talked up the security and portability of the ultrabooks but also showed off motion-control, voice-recognition and multitouch options for the slim laptops.

Eden also said that many of the ultrabooks will be below the standard $1,000 price point to let more consumers become a part of the “computing revolution,” Eden said. In fact, the whole presentation was clearly an attempt to relate more to the average consumer than the traditional techy.

As a nod to the truly tech-minded, however, Eden also showed demos of the computers’ animation and graphics capability, which showcased the capabilities of the Intel “Sandy Bridge” and “Ivy Bridge” processors.

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