Someone (or several someones) at Hewlett-Packard has leaked a teaser video of the HP Spectre to multiple tech media outlets. Judging from the teaser video, which was subsequently posted on YouTube by the Verge, the Spectre looks like an ultrabook — the high-performance, sleek genre of laptops designed in part to chase after Apple’s MacBook Air.

The teaser video is just that. The 30-second spot is more about fancy lighting, visual effects and a soundtrack straight out of a spy thriller than it is about showing the actual product, but the last five seconds show off what looks to be a very thin laptop with a handful of ports down the left side.

The video comes ahead of the Consumer Electronics Show, the annual tech extravaganza that’s set to kick off next week in Las Vegas. Ultrabooks are the gadgets to watch at this year’s show, though Apple is — surprisingly — the low-price leader, setting the price for the bottom of the ultrabook market at $1000 for its most-basic MacBook Air.

Other ultrabook makers have been having trouble undercutting that price point, offering their products at similar prices. Asus, Lenovo, Acer and Toshiba all have models branded as “ultrabooks” by Intel. In November, HP introduced the HP Folio 13, an ultrabook aimed at the business set.

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