The speeches have wound down at the International CES tech show, and Thursday the press will focus on those working the floor booths and demonstrating the products.

Show attendees will now have more time to review what they’ve seen — and to name their winners and losers from the show.

CNET is announcing the results of its annual “Best of CES” contest Thursday at 2 p.m., after picking their finalists from the show floor on Wednesday. Car technology and wearable health technology are two of the most-represented gadget categories. Gaming devices also made a surprising splash at this year’s show, with new hardware ideas for making hard-core games more mobile.

CNET’s readers also gave a nod to one of the few major smartphones announced at this year’s gathering, Sony’s waterproof Xperia Z. A 3D printer, the $2500 3D Systems Cube X printer, also made the list. What sets this model apart, according to CNET, is that it can print larger objects, thanks to its approximately 10-inch cube of printing space and its ability to print with both of the major 3D printer plastics.

One product that’s not on CNET’s list but has gotten a lot of attention is the Pebble smartwatch, the Kickstarter-funded watch that also interacts with a user’s smartphone. Pebble announced Wednesday that it will be shipping the smartwatch to its original backers on Jan. 23 — finally giving its fans something to brag about.

The smartwatch is one of the most visible new entries on the front of wearable tech, a pattern that’s been emerging for a while and is making news at this year’s show.