Cyber Monday may be the last day of the Thanksgiving weekend shopping bonanza, but it’s certainly not the least. The day devoted to online shopping often carries deals for free shipping and other across-the-board discounts, as well as its fair share of deeper, Black Friday-style markdowns. Here’s a quick look at some of the most notable tech deals out there today.

Microsoft: The firm is offering what’s likely some of the only deals you’re going to see on the newest generation of consoles: two bundles on the Xbox One. The first gives consumers a bundle of the Xbox One, 12 months Xbox Live Gold membership, Microsoft’s service plan for the Xbox One and two games for $699.95, a $50 discount. The second bundle, at $799.99, throws in an additional controller and the choice of three games, a $70 discount. The discounts aren’t eye-popping, but they do essentially give buyers a free game.

Microsoft and AT&T are also offering a deal on Nokia Lumia phones: a free no-contract Lumia 520 with the purchase of an on-contract Lumia 1520, Lumia 1020 or black Lumia 925.

Sony: Sony isn’t marking down its PlayStation 4, but it is slicing the price of its Vita handheld, which can be used as a second screen for the new console. The Vita will now cost $199.99. The firm is also offering sales on various items such as smartphones, cameras and televisions, including a $400 discount on a 69.5-inch HD TV that normally retails for $2,700.

Staples: The office supply chain is offering a Dell 15-inch Touch Screen Laptop for $379.99 and a Gateway 20-inch all-in-one PC for $299.99. Staples is also selling the Google Nexus 7 16 GB model for $199, a savings of $30.

Target: Tech-related door-busters at Target include a $299.99 bundle deal for the older PlayStation 3 with three games -- Rachet and Clank, Sony ‘s PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and Gran Turismo 5.

Walmart: Walmart is knocking down the prices of several televisions online today, including a 50 percent discount on a Samsung 45.9-inch model that lowers the price to $478. The retailer is also offering some fairly good bargains on laptops, as well as a deal on the GoPro HERO3 for $199, which includes a $30 gift card.

Amazon: The flagship deal at Amazon today is a $50 discount on the firm’s new 7-inch Kindle Fire HDX tablet, bringing the price down to $179. Amazon was also offering the 16GB model of the newest Kindle Fire HD for $119, down from $169, but that deal is now sold out. And, no, drone-delivery is not yet an option. (Amazon chief executive Jeffrey P. Bezos is the owner of The Washington Post.)

Newegg: This computer parts and electronics store always has good deals for Cyber Monday, and this year is no exception. With a promo code, users can get discounts on ultrabooks, home theater equipment and tablets. That includes a deal with AIO Wireless that offers a Nokia Lumia 620 for $50, with a smartphone plan.

TigerDirect: Another spot to pick up computer components and other tech, TigerDirect is offering $20 off any $100 order — though you have to use Visa’s payment service to take advantage of the deal. Even without the deal, however, shoppers can save big on all kinds of tech, thanks to a number of deals, including a $70 rebate on a Samsung 7-inch Galaxy Tab 3, bringing the cost after rebate to $129.99.

Motorola: Google’s mobile phone maker is offering up the customizable Moto X for $349 off-contract, for all carriers. That’s a $150 price cut, and buyers can pick their own color combinations for the phones.

Apple: Apple isn’t offering much in the way of Cyber Monday price cuts, but the company announced that it will offer free shipping on all products from Cyber Monday through Dec. 22.

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