DIY blogger Natalie Pirveysian of Creme de la Craft personalized these headphones using nail polish. (Natalie Pirveysian)

If the mere mention of Christmas triggers anxiety, then you have probably realized that there aren’t many days left in the holiday shopping season.

Don’t fret. There’s always the do-it-yourself route, and you wouldn’t be embarking on this path alone.

According to research company Lab42, DIY & Crafts is the most popular section on Pinterest during the holidays. The category includes pins on how to make gifts. The social-sharing site has become a huge traffic driver to DIY blogs.

“Back in the day, crafting was seen as appealing to an older audience, and now everyone is looking to personalize things,” said Natalie Pirveysian of the blog Creme de la Craft. “With Pinterest being so prevalent, people are seeing crafting things in a new way.”

Valerie Williams, an instructor at Bits of Thread sewing studio in the District, said that some of her students’ interest in gift-making was an inspiration behind her recent e-book “2 Yards 10 Gifts.”

“Once people got more comfortable with their own sewing, they were more confident in making things for others,” Williams said.

Besides the personalization aspect of gift-making, cobbling up something for that special someone can also be easier on the wallet.

According to a report released Monday, roughly 38 percent of Americans are keeping a tighter hold on their wallets this holiday season compared with last year.

“The fact that money is tight for so many households indicates that people will be more likely to incorporate DIY gifts,” said Greg McBride, a senior financial analyst at

So, in light of our holiday tech guide, here are a few DIY tech-related gift ideas from our friends at Etsy, Bits of Thread and Creme de la Craft.

Happy crafting and good luck.

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