Cookie Monster will interact with kids in the new Kinect game “Kinect Sesame Street TV.” (Richard Termine)

Courting the pre-school set, Microsoft is working with partners such as “Sesame Street” and National Geographic on a set of educational family games.

The games will let little players learn and interact with characters such as Elmo and Grover, explore habitats from the perspective of a wild animal and experience children’s books from within the story, according to a release from Microsoft.

On the company blog, Microsoft’s VP of corporate communications, Frank X. Shaw, said that his daughter often spoke back to the television when she watched shows such as “Sesame Street:” She would answer questions the characters asked or speak to them even though they couldn’t speak back. Now, the characters will be able speak back on a new game titled “Kinect Sesame Street TV.”

“The possibilities are pretty mind-boggling,” Shaw said.

As for the partnership with National Geographic, the Kinect interactive television games will let kids use full-body and voice recognition with its title “Kinect Nat Geo TV.”

Microsoft will also partner with Disney to let players interact with characters from five Pixar films: “The Incredibles,” “Ratatouille,” “Up,” “Toy Story 3” and “Cars 2.”

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