Facebook filled in some details Monday on its $1 billion acquisition of Instagram.

According its , an updated S-1filing, Facebook acquired the mobile photo service for 23 million shares of the social network’s common stock and $300 million in cash. With a share price of $30.89, that brings the total value of the deal to $1,010,470,000.

Other details from the filing:

In the first quarter of 2012, Facebook made a total of around $1.06 billion in revenue — $872 million of it from advertising. That’s increase from 2011, though slightly down from the December quarter figures of $943 million in ad revenue.

There’s a quick mention of the Microsoft patent deal Facebook announced Monday morning, in line with the companies’ announcement that the social network would acquire 650 patents for $550 million.

Facebook also maintained its growth, passing the 900 million mark for monthly active users. In three months, the company added 103 million daily users to the ranks of its daily active users.

The company also confirmed in the filing the widespread reports that it will list on the NASDAQ index.

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