It’s been eight years since Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook in his Harvard dorm room as “” Now with 800 million users and on the cusp of filing for its initial public offering, the company is said to be flirting with a valuation of up to $100 billion.

With that rosy number, the math is easy. Mark Zuckerberg’s reported 24 percent stake in the company would make his part of Facebook worth $24 billion. Zuckerberg’s personal wealth, as reported by Forbes, is estimated to be around $17.5 billion, as of November 2011.

Employees at Facebook, according to numbers reported in September 2011 by Gawker’s Ryan Tate, have around 30 percent of the company, meaning there’s about $30 billion to share around the company’s 3,000 or so workers. That’s a lot of cash, and Silicon Valley is already preparing for its real estate market to pick up considerably thanks to newly flush employees, according to a report in the San Jose Mercury News.

Other stakeholders include co-founders Dustin Moskovitz and Eduardo Saverin, who are said to have 6 percent and 5 percent stakes, respectively.

As of right now, according to the private trade exchange Sharespost, the company has an implied value of $89.4 billion.

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