Facebook launched its iPad app to the world after months of waiting, promising bigger pictures, access to games and apps and a grab bag of built-in (and opt-in) location-based features.

But just a day after hitting the market, the Facebook iPad app (and updated iPhone app) is getting bad reviews from users. Complaining that the app is bricking their phones, freezing up on the sign-in page and taking forever to load, many users are advising one another not to download the app. In the description for the app, Facebook has said that users experiencing problems should uninstall the app and reinstall it to fix upgrading problems.

Facebook confirmed that the app is compatible with iOS 5, Apple’s newest operating system. The new system starts hitting Apple devices via an over-the-air update at midnight tonight, but some of the system’s beta users said the app wasn’t working with their phones and tablets.

The company was listening to feedback and following up on user-reported problems. “We test all products vigorously before we launch them. However, as with all new technology products, occasionally unexpected bugs will surface once people start using products on a mass scale,” said Derick Mains, a Facebook spokesman.

I haven’t had the chance to play around with the app yet, but I’d love to hear from you all — are you having problems? Or are the reviewers whining about nothing?

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