Facebook took another step toward its goal of being a platform for developers Wednesday, by announcing that it will launch its own App Center, a single location for the platform’s many applications.

The company also announced that it will begin supporting paid apps, a program that it is offering to developers in a beta test. (Right now, developers can have in-app payments on the network, but all applications have been free to access.)

In a company blog post, Facebook’s Aaron Brady said that the new center will be a way for Facebook users to identify high-quality apps connected to the social network.

“Well-designed apps that people enjoy will be prominently displayed. Apps that receive poor user ratings or don’t meet the quality guidelines won’t be listed,” he wrote.

The app center is also intended to drive mobile installs, Brady wrote, which is a key area for Facebook to target as it plans to go public.

Users will be able to access the app center from their mobile device. If it requires installation, Brady wrote, users will be sent to download the app from Apple’s App Store or from Google Play.

To be a part of the app center, Facebook developers will have to create an app detail page to provide images and other details about their app to be featured in the center.

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