SAN ANSELMO, CA - MAY 09: The Facebook website is displayed on a laptop computer on May 9, 2011 in San Anselmo, California. (Justin Sullivan/GETTY IMAGES)

Screenshots posted to Twitter indicate that Facebook is testing smart friends lists that will automatically let users sort their social networking contacts by category. The features is similar to Google+ Circles, which has been a major draw for the new social network.

The feature seems to offer three pre-sorted list recommendations — co-workers, classmates and friends who live nearby.

Facebook already gives users the chance to sort friends into lists, but since that functionality wasn’t built in from the beginning, many people haven’t taken advantage of the option.

More screenshots posted at Mashable show that Facebook will also let users sort their News Feed by friend group, addressing the common complaint that the News Feed is too big a firehose of information to be useful.

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