GameStop is taking trade-ins for iOS devices. (Paul Taggart/BLOOMBERG)

GameStop announced Monday that it’s taking old iOS devices — iPhones, iPods and iPads — in exchange for cash or store credit. The store is taking any generation of iPod Nano, iPod shuffle, iPod mini, iPod or iPod Touch, as well as all generations of the iPhone and the iPad.

There are, of course, a few things the stores won’t accept. You’re out of luck, for example, if you’re trying to pass off that iPhone that works despite the crack in the screen or that personally engraved iPad you got from your ex. GameStop is not taking any devices with dents and scratches on the screen or casing, any devices with water damage or any devices with unreadable screens. They also won’t take a device that can’t be turned on — and, really, who could blame them?

The store already does a brisk trade in used games, consoles and handhelds. And since iOS devices are a growing gaming platform, it makes sense for the company to extend its trade-in program to Apple devices.

GameStop also is spreading its wings in other ways. Not only is the company working on an online gaming platform, according to a report from, it also is actively developing its own Android tablet, which will have some pre-installed titles. While the device runs the risk of being just another Android clone, the retail chain could be in a position to fill a hole in the tablet line-up. Despite promising candidates — the HTC Flyer with its as-yet unrealized promises of OnLive gaming comes to mind — there hasn’t been a really good, portable tablet for gamers yet.

That said, that’s kind of what handhelds are for...right? For a gaming tablet to really take off, it will have to offer the streaming console access that the GameStop tablet is said to have along with the mobile features — Web, email, social networking, etc. — that make tablets appealing.

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