Google on Wednesday released and then pulled back its Gmail app for the Apple store with a no-nonsense tweet on its Gmail Twitter account: “The iOS app we launched today contained a bug with notifications. We have pulled the app to fix the problem. Sorry we messed up.”

The app was up on the store for about an hour. It immediately prompted complaints from early adopters on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

“The Gmail app is really a piece of crud. Not worth loading. Very disappointed. Discussing it below,” wrote tech blogger Robert Scoble on Google+, who said that the app added pretty much nothing more than the app version of the Web site.

On Google+, apps lead Dave Girouard issued a more detailed explanation of what went wrong, saying that the app contained “a bug which broke notifications and caused users to see an error message when first opening the app.” He said that the company has pulled the app down while it fixes the problem, but that anyone who’s already installed the app can continue to use it.

Anticipation for the app was high after reports Tuesday from TechCrunch Apple columnist MG Siegler that it was almost ready to go and would integrate some of the features that users couldn’t get by hooking their Gmail account into Apple’s default mail program.

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