Google’s going for take two on its Gmail app after a brief and disastrous App Store debut two weeks ago. The company originally released the application with a critical bug that broke notifications and caused the app to crash.

The company said it learned a lot from the app’s brief time on the market. “In the short time the app was public we received a lot of helpful feedback and feature requests,” wrote Google project manager Matthew Izatt in a company blog post. He promised that Google would be providing fast updates to the app, which is available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Users complained when the app initially launched that it was little more than the basic Web experience in app form. Izatt promised that more features would be coming to the app, including support for multiple accounts and mobile-specific signatures — always handy for explaining how auto-correct features may have garbled your messages.

He said Google has already taken some of the feedback to heart and has changed HTML messages to fit the screen and given users the option to pinch to zoom.

Anyone who already installed the app will need to uninstall or log out of the old app before downloading the new one.

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