Google and Samsung may be working together on a larger tablet, similar to the size of the iPad.

CNET reported that the companies are collaborating on a 10.1-inch tablet, which may be a higher-end version of the $199 Nexus 7 that Google released this summer.

The Nexus 7 was a joint project between Google and Asus, but Google and Samsung have partnered in the past on projects such as the Galaxy Nexus smartphone.

CNET cites Richard Shim, an analyst at NPD Display Search, who pulled his information from checks with suppliers in Asia.

Shim told the site that he believes the new tablet will have a higher pixel density than the latest iPad. The screen quality of Apple’s newest tablet, released in March, was one of its main selling points.

Google had no comment; Samsung could not immediately be reached.

If Google jumps into the mix with its own tablet — not simply one powered by its Android operating system — it will make for a very crowded market indeed. And all those competitors will have their sights set on Apple’s market-leading iPad.

Amazon released its own larger Kindle Fire tablets for the consumer, priced to sell and tied to its huge shopping site. Barnes and Noble has followed suit with its own larger Nook tablet, with a focus on one of tablet users’ most popular activities— what else? — reading. Microsoft’s coming Surface tablet, with its ability to use PC software and optional keyboard cover, is squarely aimed at the iPad’s growing hold in the enterprise market.

And the speculation comes amid more questionable rumors, including a report from the Taiwanese tech site Digitimes,that Google and Asus are prepping a new, smaller $99 tablet for this winter — the same market Apple is said to be eyeing with a smaller iPad of its own.

Given the content they can offer through their tablets and the marketing muscle they can put behind their products, the tablet market is set to be an all-out retail war this holiday season.

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