Keeping it (mostly) civil, Bradly Horowitz, Google’s vice president for product on Google+, told Bloomberg that he’s “delighted to be underestimated” by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg.

He said that Google’s social network is not like Facebook or Twitter, but is looking to “transform the Google experience. ”

“Today [users] come back to us in a largely unidentified state,” he said. “The way that we think about Google+ is changing this mode of interaction so that we get to know our users deeply... and then reflect that back as value to them.”

The Google exec was responding to comments Zuckerberg made in a Monday interview with Charlie Rose, that Google was trying to make its own “little version of Facebook.”

Horowitz also said that the 40 million number that chief executive Larry Page revealed for Google+ in the company’s last earnings call is out of date and that the network has grown quite a bit since then. He also said that user engagement is very high, contrary to reports in the media that the site had seen a traffic slump and that users were not staying on the site for very long.

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