This publicity photo released by Rockstar Games shows a screen shot from the video game, "Grand Theft Auto V." (AP/AP)

Grand Theft Auto V, one of the year’s most-anticipated titles, is now in the hands of eager gamers.

The launch hasn’t been completely smooth, however. Gamers have reported some issues connecting to the social features in the game. On its Twitter feed, game studio Rockstar has said it is looking into apparent problems and is working on resolving them as quickly as possible.

Players should also know that, for optimum performance, the game’s makers have also advised people not to install the “play” disk included with the package, because of some problems it may create with the graphics.

Still, the technical glitches haven’t seemed to mar the game’s reception much. Grand Theft Auto V has a stunning Metacritic rating of 98 out of 100, with no negative reviews from the critics. (One critic does give it a “mixed” review.)

Gamers themselves are a little less forgiving — but not by much — giving the game an 8.1 out of 10. The game is still widely expected by analysts to be one of the biggest sellers of the season.

There has been a little controversy, as NBC News noted, with the level of violence in the game, which certainly has a reputation for being graphic. This time around, there’s some discussion of whether a scene depicting torture is too much, particularly at one point where players are directed to wrench a tooth out of someone’s mouth, by using their joystick.

Eurogamer, which called the scene the “most disturbing” of the game, questioned whether the violence was justified. Author Tom Bramwell said that while he enjoyed the rest of the game, he found it difficult to play through the torture part. He added that he hopes it doesn’t become a distraction from the general game.

“I think Rockstar has the right to put it in there, but I also think it’s a flawed sequence that may draw attention away from a lot of things GTA5 does that are worth talking about for the right reasons,” he said.

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