Rockstar Games is being coy when it comes to details about its next title in the Grand Theft Auto series. The company posted a countdown to its trailer Tuesday that sparked furious speculation among gamers over just what the company has up its sleeve.

A report from Kotaku claims that a few of the rumors, at least, have some backing with their sources. The site’s Stephen Totilo reports that an unnamed “source familiar with the game” said that the game will be set in some version of Los Angeles — a call back to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The report also indicates that the game could support multiple playable characters.

The trailer is set to drop on Rockstar’s Web site on Nov. 2, but there’s no word on when the game itself will hit shelves. The general consensus among industry watchers is that we’ll see a title sometime in 2012, but Rockstar has a history of putting a lot of time between its announcements and its release dates. Case in point: Grand Theft Auto IV was announced at E3 2006 and hit shelves in April 2008.

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