Grand Theft Auto will return to its version of Los Angeles for its fifth major title. Previous versions have been set in a version of New York (pictured above), and a version of Miami (Grand Theft Auto IV. (Photo: AP))

Rockstar Games released the trailer for its next “Grand Theft Auto” game, and it looks like players will be headed back to sunny California. As expected, the game is set in a version of Los Angeles, a callback to “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.”

Even with the teaser trailer, the company provided few details about the game itself— namely when it will be released. Rockstar has a history of announcing titles a year or more before they make it to store shelves, so don’t hold your breath.

The narrator of the trailer seems to be the main character of the game, who sounds like a reformed criminal looking to return to the straight and narrow. (Good luck with that in the GTA world.) Computer and Video Games has a great, if perhaps overly analyzed, look at the trailer. Based on scenes in the 90-second trailer, the site hazards the guess that players will be able to travel outside of the city and will continue to be allowed to purchase homes. Overall, the site concludes that the game will probably be story-driven like previous titles, but will leave plenty of room for exploration as well.

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