Apple and Samsung were back in court Friday, continuing their arguments over charges that the Korean electronics giant copied designs from California-based tech titan.

The two companies, according to the latest tally from Cannacord Genuity, account for 108 percent of the profits from the worldwide smartphone market, CNET reported earlier this week. Losses from other companies explain the over-100 number.

The trial has shed some more light on the companies’ bitter fight for smartphone dominance, prompting both to release their U.S. sales figures in public filings with the court.

As reported by All Things Digital, between June 2010 and June 2012, Samsung sold 21.25 million phones and 1.4 million Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablets. It’s worth nothing that the only models Samsung disclosed figures for are ones that have been involved in the infringement accusation. It’s equally well worth noting that this includes the vast majority of Samsung’s most popular phones.

Apple, meanwhile, has sold a total of 85 million iPhones in the U.S. since 2007 launch and 34 million iPads since 2010.

As Asymco analyst Horace Deidu noted, the company’s worldwide marketing head Phil Schiller said in his testimony that each new model of the iPhone sold approximately the same amount of phones as all previous generations combined.

It’s a difficult trajectory to keep up, and Apple is doing everything it can to make sure that the iPhone remains a must-have brand.

In court Friday, CNET’s Josh Lowensohn reported, Apple cited a study that polled mall vistors to see whether they associated or confused Samsung smartphones and tablets with the iPhone and iPad. The survey found that 38 percent of people associated that Samsung Galaxy Fascinate with Apple, while 37 percent did the same with Sprint’s version of the Galaxy S II, the Galaxy SII Epic 4G.

For tablets, only 6 percent of those polled thought that a branded version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 could be confused., the report said.

Apple is expected to finish testimony from its major witnesses by the end of the day Friday, meaning Samsung could see its own witnesses take the stand as early as Monday. In other words, this trial is just getting started.

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