Instagram’s still-new Android app, which has already attracted more than 5 million downloads, has been updated with some key bug fixes and support for the HTC One X smartphone.

It’s been an incredible past few weeks for Instagram. Facebook acquired the company for $1 billion cash and stock on Monday, just days after it launched the Android app. Facebook, spurred by a high level of mobile risk, likely sees Instagram as another way it can put its stamp on iOS, Android, and potentially other platforms.

The Android app had a few noticeable bugs when it launched, including some photos not appearing in the device’s gallery and location not being updated. It also didn’t work on Tegra-3-equipped devices like the HTC One X, even though that phone was featured in some of its marketing materials.

Here’s a full list of what’s been changed in the Android app:

“• Bug fixes for tablet users

• Location for photo geotag is updated more often

• Fixed Instagram photos not appearing in gallery

• Better support for Nvidia Tegra 3 handsets/tablets

• Increased device support for Instagram built-in camera and filters (including the HTC One X)

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