Apple seeded iOS 7 beta 2 to developers Monday morning, with bugfixes, a new welcome screen, and the return of a very technical and hard-core looking Voice Memos app.

The biggest change? Siri’s now a man.

Technically, of course, that’s not true. iCloud backups have been re-enabled, and starting a new text message when the first has not yet finished sending now works without deleting the first few words of your newest text. So there’s likely some bigger changes. And Siri can still be a woman, if you want.

The option to switch her sex had been announced at Apple’s recent WWDC conference, but not available in the first iOS 7 beta. Now Siri has an addition preference option for “Gender.” And hearing her voice as a him after all these years is definitely a little weird. Not as weird, of course, as asking Siri about the switch.

Siri might be a man, but she’s a little conflicted about the switch.


Other new features include Siri seeming to load faster, a slight update to the Reminders design, and quicker Spotlight search. Multi-tasking also appears to be working better, and a number of interface errors in the Music and other apps where text was laid over on top other text seem to have been smoothed out.

Siri’s voices now include three versions of Chinese (Hong Kong Cantonese, Chinese Mandarin, and Taiwanese Mandarin), Aussie English, Canadian English, U.S. English, and and UK English, as well as Canadian French, French French (yeah, I know), Swiss French, German German and Swiss German, Italian Italian and Swiss Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mexican Spanish, Spanish Spanish, and U.S. Spanish.

I had no idea those Swiss were so troublesome.

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