As the expected launch of Apple’s next-generation draws closer, rumors of the much-anticipated iPad keep ramping up. According to, “a Chinese blog constructed a partial” iPad 3 using parts from what it says is a legitimate Apple supplier. reports:

Ahead of a much-anticipated launch on Wednesday, a Chinese blog has constructed a partial Apple iPad 3 from supplier parts and learned a few new tidbits about the upcoming device.

Apple’s iPad 3 event on Wednesday promises to be a much-watched event for the company. The rumor mill has been in full force concerning the new device, with reports suggesting the iPad 3 will be slightly thicker and will include a higher-resolution Retina Display, better cameras, and the inclusion of LTE 4G chips. Other rumors suggest that the unit will offer a new quad-core A6 processor to replace the iPad 2′s dual-core A5 chip, which will make processing high-end games and apps much smoother.

Now some of those rumors appear vilified somewhat with a new report and video by M.I.C. Gadget. This Chinese blog has partially constructed an iPad 3 with what it claims are authentic supplier parts, including front glass, rear shell, and plastic cases.

While some speculation had indicated there would be no home button, the front glass on this iPad 3 still has a button. The blog also suggests that the iPad 3 will be a bit thicker than the iPad 2, but there are tapered edges in place that will help make it feel like it isn’t thicker.

Besides rumors, the ‘iPad 3’ event is also prompting trade-ins of older iPads. The Post’s Hayley Tsukayama reports:

The rush is on for those looking to trade in their iPads, and CNET reported that 10 times as many people are looking to upgrade this year as than did for the first- and second-generation iPads.

Citing eBay, the report said that first-generation, WiFi-only iPad models are among the most popular trade-ins.

For those looking to make a quick buck to subsidize their next iPad purchase, there are quite a few popular places for iPad trade-ins. Apart from the obvious places like Amazon or eBay, there are sites that specialize in trade-ins such as NextWorth and Gazelle. Some electronics retailers such as Target, Best Buy and GameStop will also take iPad trade-ins.

If you’re serious about getting the next iPad, then you should sell now. The price you’ll get for an iPad is already dropping and is likely to fall even more quickly after Apple’s media event Wednesday floods the market.

In other Apple rumor news, there appears to be evidence that Apple’s next mobile operating system is in the works, although that information probably won’t be revealed March 7. The Verge reports:

We all know Apple's having a big event next week in which the company is expected to roll out the next-generation iPad, and all the signs point to the device having a 2048 x 1536 resolution. What we're not expecting to see is the next version of Apple's mobile operating system, but Ars Technica has uncovered some evidence that iOS 6 is at least in the testing phases on a next-generation iPad running at an increased resolution. While combing through its server logs, Ars found evidence of 346 visits to the site from a device running at the new iPad's rumored display resolution — and a number of those visits came from a device running iOS 6. It also saw evidence of devices running the long-awaited iOS 5.1 update and the current 5.0.1 iteration, but the devices running iOS 6 also had a newer version of webpage rendering software WebKit.

Furthermore, this traffic appeared to be coming from Apple's coroporate IP block in Cupertino, indicating that these tests are coming straight from Apple, rather than testers in the field. While we certainly don't expect the next iPad to be running iOS 6 when it launches (this would be a major break from the yearly release cycle that Apple has generally stuck to for iOS), it's another bit of evidence that a retina-resolution iPad is likely on the way, and that Apple's testing its next major update with this new screen resolution.