Lots of consumers get a kick out of being able to control their home music libraries, their desktop computers or even their security systems with their iPads. But here’s something that should top any list of “cool things you can do with an iPad.”

According to a report from the Daily Mail, the Adastra super yacht — a $24 million, 136-foot behemoth -- can be steered with the iPad.

Within 164 feet, anyway.

According to a report from Tab Times, which covers tablet trends, the yacht was made for a Hong Kong-based shipping magnate named Anto Marden, who may use it for transportation between the two Indonesian islands that he owns.

The software installed on the iPad apparently allows the tablet to control steering, alarms, horns, wipers and the security system on the yacht, among other things. According to the report, only one iPad onboard has control over the vessel.

Navigation aside, the Adastra has a space-age interior that, according to a Web site owned by the yacht’s designer, John Shuttleworth, has accommodations for up to nine guests and six crew members and can go 4,000 miles at an average speed of around 2o miles per hour.

Using the iPad on watercraft is a growing trend, Tab Times notes, and cruise ships are using the tablets as menus, control panels for televisions and event organizers.

Developers have also used iPads to steer toy helicopters, and WAMU 88.5, Washington, D.C.’s public radio station, recently reported on an app that ship captains are using to detect and avoid whales on East Coast shipping routes. While it would certainly be cool to steer your yacht with your iPad, all I can say for the Adastra is that at $24 million, you’d better be sure about your data connection.

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