Android may hold the smartphone market-share crown, but when it comes to mobile Web use, Apple’s iOS devices lead the way. According to the latest report from market research firm ComScore, iOS devices have 43.1 percent of the mobile OS market and account for 58.5 percent of the non-computer traffic in the United States.

Android devices ranked second with 31.9 percent, followed by Research in Motion at 5 percent. All other platforms account for 4.6 percent of Web traffic.

Apple owes these impressive figures to “the iPad’s dominance in the tablet market,” the firm said. In August, iPads delivered 97.2 percent of all tablet traffic and accounted for more Internet traffic than iPhones.

Overall, the firm said, smartphones and tablets now account for about 7 percent of all Web use, thanks to an increase in WiFi availability and mobile broadband access. Mobile media consumption and social networking are some of the most popular activities for smartphone and tablet users.

Nearly half of all U.S. tablet users turn to their tablets for shopping, whether they’re reading reviews, comparing prices or conducting a transaction. The firm also found that nearly 55 percent of tablet owners were men and that almost 30 percent were ages 25 to 34. Forty-six percent of tablet owners were in households that earned more than $100,000 per year.

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