Responding to a news report that many interpreted to mean that LG is planning to end its development of Windows Phones, the Korean electronics company said Tuesday that it has no Windows device “in the pipeline” but isn’t abandoning the platform.

“At the moment, LG is primarily focusing on developing Android-equipped smartphones,” the company said in a statement sent to The Washington Post. “Contrary to what some articles have said, LG is not giving up on Windows Phones.” The possibility that LG was pulling out of Windows Phones was reported Monday by the Korean Herald.

The company’s response then mentioned that LG wanted to focus on mobile phones that run on Google’s Android operating system. “Although we currently don’t have a new Windows device in the pipeline, that is simply because demand for Android devices is so strong,” LG said. “We’ve maintained since the beginning that LG will support whatever operating system consumers want but at the moment, our priority is to get our Android devices to a level where we feel we have strong coverage of all the major markets.”

The Korean paper also reported that Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer is expected to meet with LG CEO Koo Bon-joon to discuss the smartphone market.

The LG statement, however, said that the company was “not aware of any such meeting at this time.”

Microsoft is heavily pushing Windows Phone with the launch of the Lumia 900 — the first flagship phone of Microsoft and Nokia’s partnership.

According to the latest numbers from comScore, Microsoft has 3.9 percent of the cellphone market in the United States and has lost a little under one percent of its market share since December.

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