LulzSec made headlines over the summer as the hacking group that dedicated itself to mayhem against corporations it thought were not properly protecting their customers’ data. The group also targeted the CIA and the FBI.

In the course of those hacks, several people emerged as mouthpieces of the group, including one hacker who went by the pseudonym “Sabu,” who seemed to be the person picking the group’s targets.

Now, the FBI has confirmed that it has arrested six hackers who, at one time or another, have been affiliated with Anonymous, a broader hacking group, and most of whom were leaders of LulzSec. According to court documents, “Sabu,” whose real name is Hector Xavier Monsegur, worked with the agency after being arrested last year to turn in several of his fellow hackers.

A New York court unsealed documents Tuesday revealing Sabu’s involvement in the arrests of other LulzSec members. According to the report, the following members have been identified: Ryan Ackroyd, a.k.a. “Kayla”; Jake Davis, a.k.a. “Topiary”; Darren Martyn, a.k.a. “pwnsauce”; Donncha O’Cearrbhail, a.k.a. “palladium.” Another person arrested, Jeremy Hammond, a.k.a. “Anarchaos,” was a part of the AntiSec movement.

Ackroyd and Davis are from Britain, the FBI said, and Martyn and O’Cearrbhail are from Ireland. Hammond is from Chicago.

The release said that four of the alleged hackers had been charged with attacks on Sony, Public Broadcasting Corporation and Fox Broadcasting Company. Monsegur was charged with an attack on HBGary, while Hammond was charged with an attack on the intelligence firm, Stratfor.

On Twitter, members of Anonymous were quick to react to the news, saying that the movement has no leader and that the hackers’ arrests would not impact the group’s efforts.

The account @YourAnonNews, which has been a reliable source of news about the group in the past, commented on the story, saying, “Never forget: We are Legion. We do not have a leader nor will we ever.”

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