A celebration sign is posted at Mozilla headquarters in Mountain View, Calif., Friday, July 31, 2009. (Paul Sakuma/ASSOCIATED PRESS)

Mozilla advised those who use its Firefox browser not to use its latest version, citing a security vulnerability.

In a blog post Wednesday night , the company said that it is working on a fix and will ship a new version of the browser on Thursday.

According to the company, the bug could allow malicious sites to figure out what Web sites users have visited. It did not provide more information on the specifics of the bug, such as whether it was a new vulnerability or one that was previously overlooked. This latest version of Firefox, released earlier Wednesday, addressed 24 vulnerabilities from the previous version.

According to the post, Mozilla has not had a report that anyone has taken advantage of the vulnerability.

Mozilla’s Security Blog advised those who’ve already downloaded Firefox 16 to downgrade to the previous version of Firefox — 15.0.1 — by visiting its Firefox Web site. Firefox 16 users may also wait for the firm to push out its next update.

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