Google rolled out its redesigned vision for Gmail on Monday and is getting mixed reactions as users adapt to the cleaner, more spaced-out interface. Some Gmail users on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ have praised the new look, which is reminiscent of its Google+ design, but others have said it’s too spaced out.

If you find yourself thinking the same thing, it’s fairly easy to adjust the spacing in the new layout by using the gear icon menu and choosing the display density. Your options are comfortable, cozy and compact, in order of most spaced-out to least.

It’s good to see Google working on unifying the design of its products, and the new Gmail has some great new features. The search, in particular, is a lot easier to use because users can just fill in their desired fields to search for multiple characteristics at once. Conversation view is also quite a bit cleaner, showing only the messages in a thread and not the extra e-mail history or participant signatures by default.

To get the new look, just click the “Switch to the new look” link in the bottom right-hand corner of your Gmail inbox. To switch back, you can choose “Revert to the old look” from the gear-icon settings menu, but Google will be converting everyone to the new layout eventually.

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