A lack of wireless connectivity to the new iPad could be a major roadblock to using the device to its fullest potential.

Now, some customers have taken to the Apple Support Communities Web site to say that they are experiencing this very problem. Many of the commenters on the thread say their new iPad does not get a strong wireless connection in places where their smartphones, laptops or other gadgets have no trouble receiving a signal.

Here’s an example of a typical comment in the thread, lightly edited for grammar and clarity: “My third-generation iPad has much worse range than my iPad 1. In the two places I use it most — my driveway and down the hall at work — I have solid connections for iPad 1, iPhone 4s, and Macbook. New iPad? Nothing. Not a thing.”

Some commenters pledged that they’d be returning the tablet based on their difficulty in reliably obtaining a wireless signal.

Apple did not respond to a request for comment.

This is not the only criticism Apple has received over its new iPad. Some users have also said the gadget becomes very hot during use.

However, nonprofit group Consumer Reports said Wednesday that even when the iPad “was at its hottest, it felt very warm but not especially uncomfortable if held for a brief period.”

And Apple spokeswoman said that the new iPad was “well within our thermal specifications.” 

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