Even before the iPad 2 had officially launched, there were rumors that an iPad 3 — or at least an upgraded iPad 2 — was already in the works for a fall release. This is my next Web site added fuel to that fire when it said that its unnamed sources had intel on a higher resolution iPad “dubbed the iPad HD” that would run Final Cut or Apeture.

Throwing cold water on that notion now is J.P. Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz, All Things Digital reported, who said that his team’s research had found no evidence of a new tablet scheduled...for this year.

“There are prototypes in the supply chain related to the next-generation device, but our conversations with industry participants suggest that a new device will not be available until sometime in calendar 2012,” Moskowitz said in a research note.

All Things D’s John Paczkowski points out that Apple has such a large market share (more than 60 percent) in the tablet market right now that it hardly needs to rush another model to production and risk raising the ire of iPad fans who just bought their devices in March.

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